Patriot Basketball

2019 MHAC Awards

voting for the 2018-2019 Mhac awards


Hello everyone!

Below you will find the ballot
for the MHAC awards.

the voting is open to:

Head coaches of all 3 levels

deadline to get votes in:
Tuesday February 12th 8pm CST

You will be voting for one MVP player from each level and 5 all conference players from each level. If you click on any more than those numbers, the person(s) that fill the proper quota will be taken and the rest thrown out of your ballot(ex.- You put down 6 players for all-conference, i will not count the 6th player entered, just the first 5).

Even though it is open to all head coaches, for the integrity of the awards we would ask that if you do not know the other team levels then please do not vote for those.

for instance…
A MS/14u coach votes for their level that they coach, but doesn’t vote for Varsity girls and boys awards because they are unfamiliar of who is on the ballot because they did not watch enough varsity girls and boys gameplay to make an informed decision. This would also apply to any AD’s and directors that are unfamiliar with the levels.

If you are the AD/director and a head coach you do not get two votes.

Do not make this a popularity vote.
It should not be based purely on stats as well, but what did the person bring to their team to make it a better team altogether, sportsmanship, leadership etc.

Remember, deadline is 8pm CST Tuesday Feb 11th.

No votes will be accepted after time.


Name *
14u-MS Boys MVP Award
**Please only choose ONE player**
14u-MS Boys All-Conference Award
** Please choose up to 5 players**
18u-Varsity Girls MVP Award
**Please choose only one player**
18u-Varsity Girls All-Conference Award
**Please choose up to 5 players**
18u-Varsity Boys MVP Award
**Please choose only one player**
18u-Varsity Boys All-Conference Award
**Please choose only 5 players**