Patriot Basketball

3on3 Rules

The Official 3on3 

patriot basketball tournament rules

The Game:

  • Game time will be a 10 minute running clock.
  • Brackets will be a blind draw by the director.
  • A referee shall flip a coin with the captains before the game begins.  The winner of the coin toss takes possession of the ball first at the beginning of the game.  The alternating possession rule will determine jump ball situation through the rest of the game.
  • Overtime will be a 2 minute period.  The team that lost the beginning coin toss will receive the ball first in the first overtime period.  If still tied after the first overtime, the teams will have a jump ball and play sudden death.
  • Winning by 2 rule is NOT in effect
  • Each Team will get one 30 second timeout in regulation, none in overtime.
  • The clock will  NOT stop for any dead ball situations EXCEPT for the last minute of regulation and overtime.  Injuries will be the only time a clock shall be stoped during play.
  • Substitutions shall be made only upon a dead ball whistle and acknowledgment of the referee.
  • Deliberate stalling or attempts to run the clock out to preserve a lead shall result in a loss of ball possession.  A shot must be made within 20 seconds (referee's judgement).  Referee's should attempt to warn a team about 10 seconds prior to making a stalling call.  Good sportsmanship will prevail in this matter.
  • Teams must take a ball back past the 3-point line after:
    • After each change of possesion.
    • To start Regulation, overtime, after a foul has been awarded or after any stoppage in play, the ball must be checked by a defensive player after which the ball is alive and may be passed OR dribbled.
    • After a score, on defensive rebounds, or after steals, the ball must be returned beyond the 3-point line and the player in possession of the ball can maintain control and attempt to score.
    • If a team fails to cross the 3-point line with at least one foot in any of the above situations, the referee should attempt to verbally communicate to the players that the ball was not taken back past the 3-point line.  If a shot is taken and made by that team, then the referee should blow the whistle, the basket will be taken away and the offensive team will retain possession beyond the 3-point line after being checked in by the defense.
  • The 3 second rule is in effect.


  • No foul shots will be taken
  • Personal fouls committed during the act of shooting:
    • On a 2 point attempt, if the shot goes in then they are awarded 3 points automatically and the scored upon team gets the ball
    • On a 3 point attempt, if the shot goes in then they are awarded 4 points automatically and the scored upon team gets the ball.
    • If the shot doesn't go in, one point is awarded to the shooting team and they retain the ball after being checked in by the defense.
    • Flagrant, Technical and Intentional fouls are penalized by awarding the fouled team 2 points.


  • Each team should bring two colors available for them to wear as a team.
  • The referee shall check the score sheet after each game and sign off on it.
    • The referee shall conduct the game in accordance with the official rules. 
    • The referee shall penalize any player or substitute for unsportsmanlike like conduct with a warning.  On a second occurrence it will result in immediate banishment and ejection from the gym. 
    • If a team loses its third player with no substitute, it can continue to play using the two players left if they so desire.
    • The referee shall have the power to make any decision on any point not specifically covered in the rules.