Patriot Basketball

Anchor NCAA

City Church Gym

April 2nd @ 7pm


Hey everyone!


We are needing to get a head count for this Monday's NCAA event at the city church gym.


if you would please fill out the form below as soon as possible.  filling out this form is not a requirement to attend.  it is Just for the purposes of knowing the number of people coming.


place: city church of chattanooga

time: 7pm - end of the game


we want to invite everyone to attend in botht the mens basketball group and the patriots basketball program.  


it is for the guys only...sorry ladies that love basketball!


admission is free!!


we are having steak and chicken tacos for dinner


there will also be fun contests for everyone with 3-point shooting and free throw shooting.


once THE game starts, it will be shown on a big screen in the gym


its a great time for fun and fellowship.





Name *
Please include yourself in the total count(For instance if you and your son is coming please put 2)
Please separate the names with commas