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patriot Basketball

sponsorship program


          The Patriot Basketball Program is funded entirely by sponsorships, fundraisers, and donations. As a non profit organization, our success and growth is dependent entirely on the generosity of local businesses and individuals. 

          Our  Sponsorship Program is our largest fundraising opportunity each basketball season. Through the sponsorships of local businesses, we are able to help meet the monetary needs of the program each year. We have goals of growing our program and improving the quality of opportunities we are able to provide for our student athletes. Our corporate sponsorships are the most efficient way of making this dream a reality.

          Please reach out to a local business and individuals to help find more support for the patriots program. Click the link to get more info about our sponsorship program.


          The Chattanooga Patriots annual fundraisers are one of our favorite team traditions that we take part in each year. Through our player driven fundraising programs, we get the opportunity to sell a wide variety of fresh fruit each fall, as well as cookie dough for the holidays. 

          For more information on the Fruit and Cookie Dough Fundraisers, click the link provided. 



patriot store


          The Chattanooga Patriot online store provides not only a great fundraiser for our Basketball Program, but also a way to show your support for Patriot Basketball. Having a newly designed logo and overall branding, we are very excited to have brand new merchandise for this upcoming basketball season. We will not only have the classic fan favorites like shirts, hoodies, and car decals, but we will also be offering many new products such as tumblers, hats, and member exclusive merchandise. 

          Along with all of these new items, we will be launching limited time Patriot Gear throughout the upcoming season. We hope for these items to help build unity and fan support for our team as we make our run leading up to the annual National Association of Christian Athletes (NACA) post season tournament. 

          To get your Patriot gear to support the program, click the link to go to the Patriot Online Store.

          A new way we are looking to provide support for the Patriot program this year, is through Patreons. Becoming a Patreon is by far the best way any individual can support the program. It is a way to provide small monthly support for the program that comes with additional perks like Patreon exclusive shirts, Patreon priority seating at home games, season tickets, concession discounts, merchandise discounts, and more...

          By clicking the link provided, you can view the different levels of support you can provide as a Patreon, as well as the perks included with each level. Patreons are our favorite type of Patriot supporters by far, and through the Patreon program we hope to build the elite purpose driven homeschool basketball program that we wish to create for the Chattanooga area homeschool community.

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