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Patriot Basketball

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the one place to get all your patriot gear is right here!


          Suit up! Even if you don't have a jersey, that doesn't mean you can't suit up for game day. Wear your Patriot Pride with all your favorite clothing styles for both men and women. Check out the Patriot clothing page so you can start representing your team with style.


Want more Patriot Gear? We have plenty more to come. Just check out the Patriot Hardware page below to find new things as they are added to the store. 


Do you want to come to every game? Buy a season pass and save some cash.

All passes give you access to ALL the home games of the CSTHEA Patriots!  

The pricing for each level is based on the number of home games for that level.

If you have players in multiple levels, you must buy the pass at the higher level.