Patriot Basketball

SE Homeschool Tourney2017

november 3rd & 4th


We are attending for the first time ever, the SE Homeschool Tip-Off Tournament in Suwanee, Ga.  It is an overnight tournament requiring a hotel stay.  Our plan is to have the team drive down together in City Church buses, leaving City Church sometime before lunchtime and stay together throughout the tournament to build team chemistry and unity.  We will be dividing the rooms up by 4 and I'm guessing that it will be about $25-30 a person for the room looking at the room prices.  Breakfast should be free Saturday morning at the hotel unless we are playing very early that day..  So the only food money they will need is for Friday lunch & dinner and Saturday lunch & dinner.

The parents that are planning to come watch the tournament you can stay at the same hotel or another that is on the list through the tournament.  If you are a father that is willing to go down and help chaperone the boys and stay in a room with the team please


Here are instructions for housing from the tourney director:

1.  HOTEL--here is the link for the booking the hotels.  There are at least 8 options.  Please, please, please try to encourage your families to book at one of these hotels.  We have an agreement with them and that helps keep the cost of the tournament down.

The instructions for how to sign up for rooms are HERE.

Format and fees for the tournament itself are HERE.


So what we need is to know:

  1. If you are a player or father
  2. If father, you are saying you're willing to help out on the trip
  3. If player, you are playing in the tournament( so we can plan rosters) both days or just Friday or just Saturday
  4. Birthdate (we need to verify for both teams)
  5. If you are playing both days,  that you are riding and staying with the team in the hotel chosen.
  6. All tournament t-shirts are pre-ordered.($10-15).  I need to know if you want one and what size.


Name *
Are you a... *
If you're a player, then what days are you going to be able to play?
If you're a parent, then you are wanting to help chaperone and room with the team?
Birthdate of Player
Birthdate of Player
If you're staying overnight, you know that you need to pay cash or check written to CSTHEA Patriots no later than Friday 11/3. *