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The CSTHEA Patriots Basketball program is operated entirely by volunteer staff. All funding for the basketball program is provided 100% from sponsors, fundraisers, and donations. Operating under the Tennessee Home Education Association, our program is a Federally recognized Nonprofit organization. Our core purpose is to provide a youth sports program to empower our athletes and their families by providing community, mentorship, and promoting of a faith based and active lifestyle for the homeschool youth.  

Please consider supporting our cause and see the different ways you can contribute by reading the information below.

2019-20 financial needs and goals

Going into the 2019-20 season there are several financial needs for the program to raise funds for. Some immediate and others for the future. Because we are not a brick and mortar school with no alumni or other normal areas of fiances to fund us, we rely soely on the kindness of people and businesses in the Chattanooga and surrounding community. Below are the needs currently facing the Patriots program:

  • $10,600 - Fixing and refinishing the gym that we just moved to for our home location(First Chattanooga Church of the Nazarene(FCCN)

  • $1500 - Upgrading the FCCN gym lights to LED

  • $2000 - Upgrading the sound system in the FCCN gym

  • No price yet - Four new locker rooms built onto the gym at FCCN(Will start work after the 2019-2020 season)

  • $7100 - New uniforms purchased for our Elem and middle school boys & girls teams. These were two years past the date that was originally set aside to get them.

  • No Price yet - New scoreboard at our second gym(Oakwood Community Church(OCC))

  • New flooring at OCC

So as you can see the need is great, but I know that we can get the job done with your help. Please consider sponsoring our program today by clicking the link below. You will get recognition in several areas of our program and the higher levels have other perks along with it.



If you need a great platform to reach an incredibly loyal and active local audience, we have exactly what you’re looking for. Our fan base loves to support the businesses who support our program as they know the program wouldn’t exist without its supporters.

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We proudly support the corporations that support us! 



business sponsorship

We are proud to have local business who believe in what we do! 

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Community Supporters

We provide community and the community provides for us! 

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individual supporters

You are the people who help us help people!

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